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What You Get…

SUMMARY: Access to over $10,000 of sales training materials PLUS
2-3 training sessions per month on timely topics for Relationship-Builders!



Selling Without Wrestling® Sales Training ~ $1,500 value


Four 90-minute Modules:  Including...
The Psychology of Creating Relationships that Result in Sales.
Interviewing Skills that Create More Sales than Sales Techniques
Prospecting for Relationships — How to Find the Right Clients
The Psychology of “Staying on a Roll” Selling Financial Services


Audio Format: Listen on your computer, download, make CDs or put on your iPod.


"Book-Quality" Transcripts of Each Module: ~ 146 pages


Over 100 Pages of Handouts: Including...
Telephone scripts for initial appointments, asking for referrals...
Checklist on how to mentally prepare for a successful sales interview
Sample opening language to quickly establish rapport and trust
Interview techniques to get clients excited and committed to going through your process
Questions that get a deeper level of commitment from clients
Simple techniques for getting more referrals
How to answer the question "What do you do?" in a way that gets prospective client’s attention and interest
How to approach friends
Over 50 additional topics that will improve your skill and bottom line


Sample Language: Downloadable Microsoft Word Format


Industry Leader Interviews: Listen to audio interviews with top financial advisors who are successfully using the Selling Without Wrestling® Techniques.
Monthly Training - Teleseminars or webinars on topics in greatest demand. You can attend the live event or listen to a replay. To see a complete list of potential topics visit the "What You'll Learn" page by clicking here.

~ $79 value per month, $1,044 value annually

Live Coaching Sessions - Two members will be selected each month who have volunteered to share their recorded coaching session with the group on a wide variety of topics. If you would like to added to the pool of members who will be selected for a free one-hour session, send Sid an email with the topics you would like to address.

~$300 value per month, $3,600 annually

Monthly Interview with Industry Leader - Teleseminar or webinar interview featuring an industry leader, coaching client having outstanding success, or an affiliate with a worthwhile product.

~$79 value per month, $1,044 value annually

Supplemental Training - Additional teleseminars or webinars on topics in greatest demand will be added on a regular basis.
Newsletter Archives - Access to all of the Sid Walker Sales Tip of the Month newsletters featuring monthly sales tips, advice, and coaching for Financial Advisors.

~ $1,000 value

Success Story Forum - A place to participate with the community of Relationship-Builders by listening to success stories and sharing your own.
30% Discount on Sid’s Popular Products - Allows you to save 30% on purchases from including 30% off on packages that are already over 40% off.

~ $200 value

Longevity Bonuses: - Most of the products available on will be given away as bonuses for people who maintain their membership for at least six months. The current schedule of Longevity Bonuses appears below.


Month 2 The Prospecting Mentality — How to Overcome Call Reluctance, Procrastination and Sleepless Nights

~ Audio and ebook • $97 value ~

Month 3 How To Double Your Sales By Asking A Few More Questions – Making More Sales by Helping People Get What THEY Really Want

~ soft cover $30 value Sid’s Best-selling book ~

Month 4 How To Get More Comfortable asking for Referrals

~ ebook $30 value ~

Month 5 How To Psych Yourself Up To Prospect

~ ebook $27 value ~

Month 6

Two Live Sessions:

  1. How to Sell Yourself with Power and Integrity
  2. How to Overcome Prospecting Avoidance & Procrastination

~ audio $60 value ~

Month 12 Trust Your Gut — How to Overcome the Obstacles to Greater Success and Self-fulfillment

~ autographed soft cover $30 value ~


Testimonials from Industry Leaders

Michael E. Slattery

Managing Director &
Wealth Mngmt. Advisor
Northwestern Mutual
Bennington, VT
Years in Business: 26


“I hit a plateau after 23 years in business. My frustration concerned me more than the income. I really needed to shake things up. Working with Sid, I learned to trust my gut. Now I focus on things that feel right to me, especially when it comes to building strong relationships with my clients. I’ve never been happier. And I’ve had tremendous increases in my business.”

- Read More -


Howard Wight
President, Wight Financial
San Francisco, CA
Years in Business: 35+


"Anyone could benefit from working with Sid. It would only take one sale to recapture the investment many times over. It’s a no-lose proposition."

- Read More -


DeWitt 'Clint' Gibson III

Owner, Gibson Insurance
Phoenix, AZ
Years in Business: 36


“A significant factor in my income growth is Sid’s good coaching. My education with Sid and his style is intrinsic in how I run my business.”

- Read More -


Stephen R. Bolt

CEO, Faith Fin. Planners
Franklin, TN
Years in Business: 15


“Sid helps me balance my analytical side with my emotional side. A hallmark of Sid’s teaching is that it has to feel right. Working with Sid would probably feel right for just about anyone in a sales career.”

- Read More -


Raymond Vendetti

Ind. Agent/Speaker/Coach
San Diego, CA
Years in Business: 25+


“Sid is serious when he talks about closing 90% of your calls—and this can start to happen immediately. When you make strong connections with prospects, your closing ratio soars. When you follow the skills that Sid teaches, you can become a skilled interviewer and actually double your sales.”

- Read More -



Membership Fees...


FREE Trial for 7-Days: (requires credit card)

We remove any risk by offering you a FREE Trial for 7 Full Days with a credit card. If you cancel before the end of 7 days, your card will not be charged. That's as good as it gets! Come on in and learn how to have a 90% closing ratio without being pushy or aggressive.



Introductory Member Special:  (Limited Time Offer)


FREE Trial for 7 Days, then Monthly: Try us out FREE for 7 days. Full access to everything so you can see and hear the value of this site! It is then only $47 per month. Cancel at anytime.
FREE Trial for 7 Days, then Annually: After the FREE 7-day trial, converts to a 1-Year recurring membership for only $397 per year. Cancel at anytime.  You save $167 over the monthly.



ACT NOW!  Lock in this SUPER LOW $47 Introductory Rate!!

Signup Now Before We Switch to the Regular Membership Fee!

$147 Monthly or $1,297 Annual: Not in effect yet.



NOTE: Trial offer valid for new members only.




Our Unconditional Guarantee...


We feel certain your membership will substantially increase your ability to make more sales and enjoy your work more.  We stand by a 30-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase or membership, please let us know and we will gladly refund the purchase.




Dear Sales Professional,


Sidney C. Walker
Sales Performance Coach Extraordinaire to thousands of successful sales people and author of six books including "How to Double Your Sales by Asking a Few More Questions," "Trust Your Gut," and "The Prospecting Mentality."


Ask yourself this question...

If there was nothing holding you back,

what could you accomplish?!?!


You can’t lose with this deal! But you could miss out on a lot more than you realize if you don’t try this monthly coaching program. If you’ve been frustrated with Client-Controller sales techniques—and know you’re ready to earn more and have more fun—this membership site is the answer for you.


You have nothing to risk and everything to gain.


I hope you’ll join me, and thousands of reps just like you, and learn to start Selling Without Wrestling®! As you begin to have more fun with your work and see your income on the rise, you will be glad you found me!

Kind regards,

Sidney C. Walker
Client Acquisition Coach



How to Acquire New Clients Without Being Pushy or
& Create a Steady Flow of Unsolicited Referrals!


What You'll Learn

25 keys sales skills
you need to know!


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