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More Fun, More Money, More Free Time...

Would you like to stop wrestling with your clients to make a sale?
Are you tired of the hype that says you have to be pushy and aggressive to be a big success?
Would you like an approach to selling that’s easier, more fun and results in more sales than you ever thought possible?

FREE Preview of Selling Without Wrestling


If you answered “YES!” to any of the above questions, carefully read this page.
It could be the most important thing you ever did for your career!



Dear Financial Advisor,


Over the past 30 years, I’ve coached thousands of people, just like you, to achieve big-time sales results without being pushy or aggressive. Can I help you? It depends on your answer to 3 simple questions. First question...


1.   “Which type of salesperson are you?”


There are two types of salespeople: Client-Controllers and Relationship-Builders. Which profile best describes you?



You believe you need to lead or push people into buying.
You believe you should use any and all techniques available to make a sale.
You believe that if you don’t make a sale you have failed.


You want to get to know and understand your clients—instead of controlling them.
You believe your job is to educate your clients, help them discover what they want, and then help them get it.
You believe success is helping clients make informed decisions that feel right to the client!



Now my second question...


2.   “If you’re a Relationship-Builder, do you
experience the following problems?”


Most of your sales-training has been based on controlling and leading the client.
As a Relationship-Builder, you don’t relate to being pushy, aggressive, leading, or controlling.
It has been difficult to find sales training that fits you and your core values.
Many of the sales techniques you’ve been taught are uncomfortable to use or don’t seem to work very well.
Bottom line: Without an effective approach to selling that fits your core values, you’ve been robbed of a fortune in lost sales. You end up operating way below your potential—and you know it!


And, the last question...


3.   “Would you like to learn an approach to selling that
focuses on building relationships of mutual trust
and respect — and delivers a 90% closing ratio?”


If "YES", read on to learn more …


Q.   Why does my Selling Without Wrestling® approach work so well for Relationship-Builders?
A.   As a Relationship-Builder, you have excellent people skills. That may be why you chose a sales career in the first place. You’re a natural at getting to know people, building rapport, and connecting with people. With my approach, you get to use your strengths!


Q.   Why is the closing ratio of the Selling Without Wrestling® approach so high?
A.   Using my approach, you learn to become a skilled interviewer with the goal of helping people discover what they really want to do related to your product or service. Then, you help them understand how to get what they want. Why wouldn’t they buy? A 90% closing ratio is common with the Selling Without Wrestling® approach. And they’ll buy without the wrestling match!


Q.   Why is it so important to learn how to become a skilled interviewer?
A.   This skill is at the heart of the Selling Without Wrestling® approach. You must make people feel “safe” enough to open up and explore their thoughts and feelings about important financial issues. You must know what questions to ask and how to ask them. When you get your clients to discover and verbalize what they want—and why they want it—they’ll commit and take action.


Q.   Why will your clients willingly give you referrals when you use the Selling Without Wrestling® approach?
A.   Step into your clients’ shoes for a moment. Who would you rather refer your family and friends to—a Client-Controller who will try to wrestle them into a product that might not be what they want or need? Or someone like yourself—someone who helps people make educated decisions without the sales pressure?


Q.   What is the most challenging aspect of learning how to use this approach?
A.   You learn to let go of the habit of trying to control your clients and wrestle them into a sale and, instead, help them discover what they want to buy! Leading and controlling clients is the way most of us have learned to sell. As you learn to help clients make informed decisions that feel right to them, you will see your income increase dramatically. Once you experience this increase in income and the smiling faces of your new clients, it is unlikely you will revert back to the traditional struggle. Selling Without Wrestling® is too profitable and too much fun!


Q.   Why is the Selling Without Wrestling® approach easier, more rewarding, and more empowering for everyone involved?
A.   You’re helping people discover what they really want (related to your product or service, of course). Instead of trying to talk clients into buying a product, you’re helping them make an educated decision that feels right. This is the most empowering approach for the client, and it’s the most rewarding approach for you—I promise you’ll experience more self-fulfillment and substantially increase your income!

You can count on these
when you learn and use the
Selling Without Wrestling
® approach:


Clients respect you as a trusted advisor—You help them discover what they really want and help them make informed decisions that feel right to them.
Clients buy quicker.
Clients buy more—and they buy more often.
Reach a 90% closing ratio—It sounds staggering, but it’s common and relatively easy to achieve.
Clients more willing to promote you—You’ll gain more solicited and unsolicited referrals.
Achieve better persistency—Clients keep what they buy.
Enjoy extremely loyal clients—Your clients will love your new style and stick with you.
Have more fun at work—You get to be successful just being yourself.
Stop missing out on opportunities that can easily turn into new commissions.
Make more money than ever before!

You can count on these
when you learn and use the
Selling Without Wrestling
® approach:


Say goodbye to the stress and frustration that comes with the pushy and controlling qualities of traditional selling techniques.
Say goodbye to the fear, resistance and discomfort of trying to sell or promote in a way that doesn’t feel right to you or doesn’t fit your core values.
Enjoy your work more because you’ll only take new clients where the chemistry is right. No more chasing business with people you really didn’t hit it off with in the first place. (With your new, higher closing ratio, you can afford to be more picky!)
Hear more genuine, heart-felt “thank-you’s” from people you respect and respect you for the way you helped them.
Feel truly empowered and energized by your approach to your work for the first time.
Discover a deeper sense of purpose and meaning toward your work and your ability to make a positive difference in people’s lives.
Enjoy a better quality of life by having more money, more free time, and greater peace of mind.


There is no other approach to selling that can
boast all the benefits I have listed so far...
and there’s more!


If you’re a Relationship-Builder, click the following links to learn more about my sales training membership site:



How to Acquire New Clients Without Being Pushy or
& Create a Steady Flow of Unsolicited Referrals!


What You'll Learn

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you need to know!


What You Get - Fees

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From one Relationship-Builder to another, I promise you’ll discover an approach to selling that is easier, more fun, and results in more sales than you ever dreamed possible!

Sidney C. Walker
Client Acquisition Coach




Testimonials from Industry Leaders

Barbara Treadwell,

Life Insurance Specialist
Mass Mutual
Savannah, GA
Years in Business: 25


“I nearly quit this business in my tenth year. Now I’m earning over $1 million a year. A turning point was working with Sid to learn how to find out what prospects really want. It seems simple, but when I perfected this, it made all the difference.”

- Read More -


Randy Riley

Managing Director
Northwestern Mutual
Irvine, CA
Years in Business: 27


“I had a lot of problems prospecting, and I wasn’t meeting my income goals. Working with Sid was one of the best investments I ever made: It’s paid off 100 fold. Last year, my sales office was #1 in the company.”

- Read More -


Michael L. Parker, CFP
LPL Financial Service
Sikeston, MO
Years in Business: 23


“Working with Sid has at least doubled my income and has more than quadrupled my confidence! And, I can’t put a number on the enjoy-ment I get from my career now. Clients come to me for my intuitive strengths and my ability to listen to what they really want. They send me referrals; I don’t even have to ask.”

- Read More -


Curt Pederson

Pederson Financial Srvcs.
Seattle, WA
Years in business: 16


“Before I met Sid, I had moderate success, but business was exhausting. I’ve been working with Sid for about 10 years. My income started at about $40,000, and I’m close to a 7-figure income this year. When you work with Sid, get ready—it’s a great experience!”

- Read More -


Patrice Rhoades-Baum
Web Marketer/Copywriter
Patrice Rhoades-Baum Business Communications
Manitou Springs, CO
Years in business: 25


“I interviewed 20 of Sid’s clients to gather testi-
monials for this website, and I’m impressed! These professionals shared common themes, including 'Your income skyrockets when you work with Sid.' These are real people with real stories who're willing to try something new, and it worked. Give it a try… you’ll love working with Sid!”

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David Davis
Agent & Registered Rep.
Mass Mutual Financial Group
Seattle, WA
Years in Business: 25+


“By using Sid's intuitive approach, my business took off like a rocket ship. The results have been spectacu-lar. My income has gone up 700%.”

- Read More -


Robert P. Rueseler
Rob Rueseler Associates
Cape Giradeau, MO
Years in Business: 29


“Before I began working with Sid, there was a sense of ‘me versus the client.’ It was a wrestling match — how to wrestle a sale out of them or convince them to buy. Now that stress is gone on both sides of the table. We’ve reached Blue Chip level with Mass Mutual, have a 90% closing ratio, and have a lot more fun.”

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Matthew Burke, CFP
Financial Advisor
Smith Barney
Bellevue, WA
Years in business: 20


“One of my life choices is to work less. My friends joke that I must be one of the highest paid workers in America for the hours I put in, which are pretty limited. This allows me to spend more time with my family. My experience with Sid has been outstanding. I think yours will be, too.”

- Read More -





If there was nothing holding you back,
what could you accomplish?!?!




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