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Barbara Treadwell, CLU, ChFC, CFP
Life Insurance Specialist
Mass Mutual
Savannah, GA
Years in Business: 25

"I nearly quit this business in my tenth year. I was frustrated and disappointed. I was working too hard to close deals. Now I’m living where I want to live and earning over $1 million a year. My first turning point was reading Sid’s book Trust Your Gut. My second turning point was working with Sid to learn how to ask more questions to find out what prospects really want. It seems simple, but when I perfected this, it made all the difference.

As Sid says, if you give people what they want, how can they say no? For example, I recently met with an attorney about her financial future. My questions uncovered that she wanted to retire early. What she would do with her time? Her answer: “I’d buy a cabin in Montana and paint.” That’s what retirement meant to her. She was a lawyer trying to become a partner in her firm, and she had never told this to anyone.

I learned from Sid to keep asking questions—to keep digging—to learn what someone really wants. This is the key. When someone tells you what they really want, you’ve just developed a deeper relationship with them, earned their trust, and can sell the plan that supports their dreams and desires instead of just meeting their financial needs."


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