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Curt Pederson
Pederson Financial Services
Seattle, WA
Years in business: 16

"Before I met Sid, I had moderate success, but my business was exhausting. It seemed to take a lot of effort for little results. After working with Sid, I have a whole lot more fun, the business takes much less effort, Iím helping people along the way, and Iím making a lot more money.

Iíve been working with Sid for about 10 years. Iíve had at least 4 doubles and am close to doubling my income again. My income started at about $40,000, and Iím close to a 7-figure income this year. Sid taught me to have fun and do what feels right for me ó thatís the key.

If someoneís wondering about working with Sid, I would ask this: Is what youíre doing now working? Are you having fun? Most people canít answer ďyesĒ to those questions and could use some help. When you work with Sid, get ready ó itís a great experience!"


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