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David Davis
Agent & Registered Representative
Mass Mutual Financial Group
Seattle, WA
Years in Business: 25+

"Iíve been working with Sid for 7 years. And hereís why I started with him: A young guy named Curt Pederson used to office next to me. In one year, I watched Curt pass me by like I was a stopped bus. I asked him what he was doing, and he gave me Sid Walkerís number.

Sid discerned that a key ingredient in my life was my relationship with a higher power, but I hadnít brought this into the workplace. I brought my higher power into my job, and my business took off like a rocket-ship. I simply journal in the morning to be in touch with my higher power and write down the names of people who come to mind. During the day, I contact those people and implement any other thoughts that come to me.

Sid calls this the intuitive approach to business ó listening to the quiet voice inside you. The results have been spectacular. My income has gone up 700%. Working with Sid was absolutely key to getting on a roll, staying on a roll, and following that intuitive voice that comes from within. I continue to work with Sid ó heís my magic formula."


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