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Matthew Burke, CFP
Financial Advisor
Smith Barney
Bellevue, WA
Years in business: 20

"Before I started working with Sid, I was focusing on improving my weaknesses. I felt guilty that I wasnít good at certain skills, and I let that get in my way. Sid taught me to play to my strengthsóto do the things I was gifted at and enjoyed doing and to delegate the rest. This had a huge impact on my business.

One of my life choices is to work less. My friends joke that I must be one of the highest paid workers in America for the hours I put in, which are pretty limited. This allows me to spend more time with my family and do what I like to do outside of work. Iím really good at speaking at public seminars, so thatís what Iíve focused on and thatís what has helped me get where I am today.

If someone wasnít sure about working with Sid, I would say: Donít let the money get in the way. Itís well worth the investment and worth your time. Give Sid a try. My experience has been outstanding. I think yours will be, too."


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