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Michael L. Parker, CFP
LPL Financial Service
Sikeston, MO
Years in Business: 23

"I worked as a rep for a large insurance company before I went independent. The company had numerous policies that it expected you to conform to. But I had an independent streak, and Sid helped me tap into that. As a business coach, Sid tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. He gives me his professional, objective opinion and guides me to intuitively understand what I want and need to do.

Working with Sid has at least doubled my incomeóand has more than quadrupled my confidence! And I canít put a number on the enjoyment I get from my career now. In the early days, it felt like work and toil. Now, clients come to me for my intuitive strengths and my ability to listen to what they really want. They send me referrals; I donít even have to ask.

Working with a coach isnít a cost or expense ó itís an investment in yourself. I canít even put a figure on whatís that worth."


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