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Patrice Rhoades-Baum
Internet Marketer & Website Copywriter
Patrice Rhoades-Baum Business Communications
Manitou Springs, CO
Years in marketing: 25

"I interviewed 20 of Sid Walkerís clients to gather testimonials for this website, and Iím impressed! Some professionals were just beginning their practice and several have decades of experience.

They shared common themes:

1.   Having a great coach in your life offers tremendous value ó A sales training and coaching program that offers real results isnít an expense item. Itís an investment and an opportunity.
2.   Sid Walkerís sales training is a positive influence in your businesses AND your life ó Sidís clients work with him for years, even decades, because he helps them get results. In fact, some pretty cool results kick in right away. For example, Sid helped one woman realize that she really loves her work and she offers significant expertise for her clients. These realizations bolstered her confidence, which led to an immediate increase in her income.
3.   Your income skyrockets when you work with Sid ó Many of Sidís clients earn a half million to $1 million a year! Before working with Sid, these folks sweated bullets to earn mid-5-figure incomes.
4.   If youíre frustrated, Sidís training is the remedy ó Many of these successful professionals were exhausted and ready to quit before they began working with Sid. When they discovered Sidís books and sales training, they heard a unique message that resonated with their values of honesty, integrity, and respecting clients.
5.   Sidís clients are calm, cool, and collected! ó While I was on the phone with these busy professionals, I didnít hear stress in their voices. Instead, everyone I spoke with was relaxed, calm, and pleasant. These folks truly love their jobs, are confident in their expertise, enjoy helping clients, and exude humility and gratefulness.


The testimonials on these pages arenít made-up ďrags-to-richesĒ stories. Theyíre real people with real stories. They were willing to make a change and try something new. It worked for them, and Iím confident it will work for you. Give it a tryÖ youíll love working with Sid!"


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