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Randy Riley
Managing Director
Northwestern Mutual
Irvine, CA
Years in Business: 27

"When I started in this career, I had a lot of problems prospecting, and I wasn’t meeting my income goals. When I decided to work with Sid, I had no money — I had to put it all on my credit card. But that was one of the best investments I ever made. Working with Sid paid off 100 fold. He’s helped me think big and prospect up.

My biggest challenges were that I couldn’t get enough appointments, I was nervous, and I wasn’t assertive. Sid’s training helped me get comfortable prospecting. The turnaround was amazing. In 3 months, I went from having 5-6 appointments a week to 25-30 appointments a week.

Here’s the key: I started using my own language instead of taking scripts out of training manuals. I became comfortable with prospecting, getting light on my feet, and adding humor — just simply being myself. My prospects connected with that. And it worked. At age 32, I became 20th in sales out of a sales force of 7,000. Last year, my sales office was #1 in the company.

For anyone not sure about this training, give Sid a chance. Your time and your money will be well spent."


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