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Robert P. Rueseler, CLU, ChFC
Rob Rueseler Associates
Cape Giradeau, MO
Years in Business: 29

"Before I began working with Sid, I felt a lot of stress. There was a sense of “me versus the client.” It was a wrestling match—how to wrestle a sale out of them or convince them to buy. Now that stress is gone on both sides of the table.

Sid’s an innovative thinker. He challenges you to look at every situation differently. This has had a big impact on how I interact with my clients. Now, clients are much more relaxed and comfortable and willing to take our recommendations, which results in more sales. We’ve reached Blue Chip level with Mass Mutual, have a 90% closing ratio, and have a lot more fun.

If someone’s not sure about working with Sid, I’d say: Wake up! Don’t just look at things by the way you were trained by the home office. You need a different approach, a different attitude, and a different set of opinions. It will help you be more successful."


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