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Learn 25 Key Sales, Interviewing,
Prospecting & Organizational Skills!



1. Communicate and interact with prospective clients in an empowering way for everyone involved, every time.


2. Be someone people WANT to work with rather than someone they put up with.


3. Become a trusted advisor who your clients gladly introduce to their family and friends.


4. Identify your core values and discover how to bring them into the sales process for the benefit of both you and your client.


5. Sell in a way that naturally allows you to achieve your greatest potential—and make more money and have more fun in the process.


6. Detach yourself from the thoughts, feelings and emotional patterns that hold you back—discover how to reach your real potential and truly enjoy your work.


7. Overcome any fear of contacting prospective clients.


8. Coach yourself to greater achievement, greater happiness and greater self-fulfillment by developing the skills to:


Have a vision of what you want to create.
Make the right decisions in every part of your life by learning to trust your intuitive instincts.
Understand your core purpose and what really motivates you.
Set goals that have more meaning and make your business plans more realistic.




1. Use a variety of techniques in your initial meeting to interest people in your process and in working with you.


2. Demonstrate to prospects that you’re worthy of their trust in the first meeting.


3. Demonstrate that you are 100% on their side and take away all sales resistance.


4. Learn how to substantially increase your closing ratio and case or account size without being pushy or controlling by doing the following:


Make it safe for clients to openly talk about their thoughts and feelings.
Make your prospective clients want to answer your questions.
Ask questions that help clients discover what they really want.
Know what questions will get you to the “feeling” level the fastest.
Identify what clients will commit to and take action on.
Create a sense of urgency that makes prospective clients make a decision—one way or the other.


5. Learn how to put your energy into helping people make a decision that feels right to them, rather than trying to sell them a product.


6. Gently move people away from their misperceptions toward a better understanding of their choices.


7. Organize your closing presentation to achieve astonishing results and do it in a way that is empowering for both you and your prospective clients.




1. Develop a state of mind that will make prospecting one of the easiest parts of your job—really!


2. Have more fun prospecting for new business and make more money as the natural by-product of enjoying your work more.


3. Generate quality leads—names of people who will know you when you call.


4. Find the right clients with Sid Walker’s "Chemistry & Timing Formula."


5. Get more comfortable prospecting:


Learn skills that will break through your barriers.
Get back on track when your prospecting efforts are stalled.
Recognize the state of mind that makes prospecting easy.
Learn to shift into this state of mind at will.
Learn how to get yourself warmed up for prospecting activities.
Learn strategies to conquer:
- Fear of interrupting people
- Fear of calling on friends
- Fear of making mistakes
- Feeling like you’re "just" a salesperson
- Reluctance to call on people who are more successful or more educated than you


6. Get comfortable asking for referrals:


Build a referral track that you will use.
Learn how to take the pressure off you and your clients.
Use field-tested language, letters and approaches.
Learn how to get in the right state of mind before you ask for referrals.




1. Use key qualifications to grade your clients and differentiate the levels of service you provide.


2. Manage your to-do list intuitively rather than intellectually. Remember, timing is everything!


3. Balance your key activities with a comprehensive Coaching Model that has worked for thousands of people just like you.


4. Simplify your business plan to focus on a few key elements that make everything else easily drop into place.

Testimonials from Industry Leaders


Jerry Kanter

Managing Director, Advanced Benefit Systems
Newport Beach, CA
Years in Business: 30


“My income should increase by at least a third this year, thanks to tips Sid has given me over the past year. Sid’s experience and expertise can help anyone who’s looking to make more money and have more free time.”

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Jim Riley, CFP, CSA, EA

McCuen Investment Group
Napa, CA
Years in Business: 20


“I’ve always been a backroom number-cruncher guy. Before working with Sid, what I had learned about selling was old-fashioned, high-pressure sales, which I didn’t like. Sid taught me a lot of alternatives to that. Like, if there’s chemistry and a need, then you proceed.”

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Carlos Venegas

Straus/Forest LLC
Seattle, WA
Years in Business: 10


“No matter what business you’re in, Sid can help you increase your income. He has wonderful concepts, tools and approaches. All you need to do is act on them — because they work.”

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Jane Bostic, CRPC

Financial Advisor
Principal Financial Group
Glenrock, PA
Testimonial submitted 3/09


“Sid helped me realize that I love what I do and that doing something you love will lead to success. As a direct result of working with Sid for just 6 months, I have 8 new $100,000 clients. And I’m back to loving my business.”

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Justin Finney

Financial Consultant
Linsco Private Ledger
Kamiah, ID
Years in Business: 9


“I became an independent rep last January, focusing on wealth management. We’ve had a 40% increase in income in the last year. I also have more enthusiasm and energy, because it’s the right model for me and a good fit. Every day I come to work feeling good about what I do. And that resonates with my clients.”

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If there was nothing holding you back,

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