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DeWitt 'Clint' Gibson III, CLU, ChFC
Gibson Insurance
Phoenix, AZ
Years in Business: 36

"I met Sid in the 1980s, a period of great change in the insurance and financial industry. Sid helped me focus on particular market segments and master a consultative sales style.

My income in the 1980s was a fraction of what it is today, and a significant factor in that income growth is Sid’s good coaching. It’s extremely comfortable to talk with people without feeling like we’re selling. We actually talk to prospects about trusting their intuitive instincts. Just this week, I said to a client: “My job is to help you make whatever decision feels right to you, including doing nothing.” This is classic Sid Walker verbiage, and it made a difference in the client selecting our firm.

My education with Sid and his style is intrinsic in how I run my business. Every day I think, “If Sid were on my shoulder, what would he be saying?” It’s not a script; it’s absolutely real.

Just like “know thy client” is crucial in insurance and financial work, it’s important to work with a coach like Sid. I encourage people to evaluate Sid’s style and, if it feels right to them, to work with Sid as an ongoing coach."


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