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Carlos Venegas
Straus/Forest LLC
Seattle, WA
Years in Business: 10

"Weíre a consultancy that helps companies initiate process improvements in their office environments. I was hesitant about working with Sid at first, but the impact of working with him has been surprisingly broad.

Iíve found the concepts of timing and chemistry really useful. When I speak with clients, I mention that Iím supporting them in making a decision thatís right for them and ensuring itís the right time for them. If it isnít right, Iím willing to walk away. Over 50% of the people I talk with are willing to go to the next step.

With Sidís encouragement, Iím asking for referrals ó something I never did in my previous sales lives. But people are responding positively. They feel safe in entrusting me with the name of someone who trusts them.

No matter what business youíre in, Sid can help you increase your income. Sid has wonderful concepts, tools, and approaches. All you need to do is act on them ó because they work."


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