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Devin Backholm
Registered Representative
Farmers Financial Solutions
Aberdeen, WA
Years in Business: 5

"My biggest challenge hasnít been product knowledge ó itís the marketing and prospecting! I needed to learn how to approach this, so it wasnít a big chore and annoyance.

Iíve been coaching with Sid for a few months and have encouraged by my time with him. One of key things weíve discussed is to look for prospects without feeling pressure. Success isnít defined as making a sale ó itís defined as making a connection with someone and communicating what you have to offer. If people trust you and thereís a rapport ó Sid calls it chemistry ó then the conversation will take a natural course.

In my work with Sid, I realize that chemistry and timing are the only things you need to look for. This creates a sense of freedom. Life becomes better when you donít feel pressure to perform. Plus, people relax and you can build a connection ó and thatís key to long-term growth.

If youíre thinking about working with Sid, hereís my advice: The worse thing you can do is to do nothing. You have to get some momentum going, and that only comes when you take action."


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