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Jane Bostic, CRPC
Financial Advisor
Principal Financial Group
Glenrock, PA
Years in Business: 15

"I had taken about 5 years to build my practice to the next level, but I was frustrated and stuck! In our coaching sessions, Sid helped me realize that I love what I do and that doing something you love will lead to success.

Sid also taught me that all the answers are already within me. No more workbooks or ďdo these 7 things and youíll be successful.Ē Sidís approach has worked well for me and has already turned into income. As a direct result of working with Sid for just 6 months, I have 8 new $100,000 clients.

Iím back to loving my business and will continue to use Sid to help me grow my practice. I believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear, and I think that Sidís an excellent teacher.

If someone isnít sure about working with Sid, my advice is this: Spend the money and do it. It will pay off."


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