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Jim Riley, CFP, CSA, EA
McCuen Investment Group
Napa, CA
Years in Business: 20

"Iíve always been a backroom number-cruncher guy. I needed someone to teach me basic salesmanship, promotion, marketing ó I was a blank slate. I worked with Sid for about 2 years. He taught me how to network effectively, start conversations, and get people in the door.

Before working with Sid, what I had learned about selling was old-fashioned, high-pressure sales, which I didnít like. Sid taught me a lot of alternatives to that. Like, if thereís chemistry and a need, then you proceed.

And Sid taught me how to use my best attributes. For example, Iím good at walking up to people, shaking their hands, and introducing myself. Sid taught me how to build on that, how to ask the right questions, build an immediate connection, and get appointments. My business has grown, and my income has grown.

Sidís one of the finest people Iíve met. Itís a pleasure working with him."


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