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Michael E. Slattery, CLU, ChFC, AEP, CFP
Managing Director & Wealth Management Advisor
Northwestern Mutual
Bennington, VT
Years in Business: 26

"I hit a plateau after 23 years in the financial services, insurance, and investment business. I was trying to fit into a rigid system I had never felt comfortable with. I was unhappy, and my income had plateaued at a time when my children were approaching college age. But my frustration concerned me more than the income. I really needed to shake things up and take a different approach to my career.

About 3 years ago, Sid spoke to our network office, and I felt an instant connection. He talked about how we need to trust our gut. Thereís an analytical side of our brain we certainly have to use, but once we sift through the puzzle pieces, thereís something in our gut ó a barometer ó that tells us if it feels right. Before, I would try to fit into the numbers-based systems that werenít for me. I learned to trust my gut. Now I focus on things that feel right to me, especially when it comes to building strong relationships with my clients.

Since Iíve met Sid, Iíve never been happier in 26 years. And Iíve had tremendous increases in my business. My income increased by 50% in the first year and 30% each year after that. If youíre a relationship-style person, youíll get a lot of value out of his program."


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