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Raymond Vendetti, CLU, ChFC
Independent Agent, Speaker & Coach
San Diego, CA
Years in Business: 25+

"Sid is serious when he talks about closing 90% of your calls ó and this can start to happen immediately. When you make strong connections with prospects, your closing ratio soars. I experienced this as a producer and as a manager.

My coaching is based on Sidís philosophy, and I watch people begin to have more fun and develop stronger relationships with their clients. They go home feeling energized instead of beat up. Their job satisfaction improves dramatically, relationships get much stronger, and their income increases as a result.

For example, Iím working with a woman who is a multi-line producer and had struggled to write any kind of life insurance. After we worked together for several sessions, her life production improved 5-fold over last year. Her property and casualty sales also increased.

When you follow the skills that Sid teaches, you can become a skilled interviewer and double your sales. People have confidence in you ó not just because of your product knowledge but because of your honest ability to create a trusting relationship."


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