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Stephen R. Bolt
Faith Financial Planners
Franklin, TN
Years in Business: 15

"I picked up one of Sidís books about 15 years ago and it helped me significantly in my production. When I went into management ó we now have over 100 offices nationwide ó I asked Sid to speak with our group. Heís been instructive with my advisors in two ways: helping them become more productive and more fulfilled.

Sidís philosophy has been a benchmark for me for years. I like formulas, processes, and systems. Sid helps me balance my analytical side with my emotional side, which canít be quantified.

A hallmark of Sidís teaching is that, whatever you do, it has to feel right. In my 15 years of working with dozens and dozens of financial advisors, working with Sid would probably feel right for just about anyone in a sales career."


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